About Us

Integrity International Trading, LLC. Is a business dedicated to finding effective solutions for trading of commodities and manufacturing ingredients for the industry; for that, we work with a highly professional staff, an advanced technological platform and comprehensive service that lets us offer added value to our brands, products and services. The experience we have acquired lets us anticipate your needs using proposals and innovative solutions. We also offer comprehensive advice in all of the process areas including the location, price, shipping, receiving and post-sale follow up.


Build strong commercial relationships between Providers and Clients, promote excellent quality products and allowing all our members success in their areas.


Being a reliable supplier of commodities and manufacturing ingredients, products and all related services, where our clients obtain benefits, in order to establish long-term business relationships.

Core Values

Our values represent the basis for the growth of our business.
- Integrity
- Environmental Awareness
- Social Responsability
- Honesty and transparency
- Commitment to the quality of our products

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